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Our Case Studies

YOLKA works closely with each client to manage social media accounts and help them grow.
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Do you have setup fees or contracts?

We discuss all of the plans personally with each client. There are setup fees for each social media account but, apart from that, our business model is very flexible and we don't tie our clients to long-term contracts. However, we can set-up a contract at your request in order for you to secure a long-term partnership that will allow you to benefit from a wide range of discounts.

How much does it cost?

We have three basic packages: StartUp, One Social Media and All-Inclusive. The cost of our services is available on our Services page. You can start working with us from as low as £100 per social media account. In order for us to give our clients an exact price, we discuss the aims and needs of our clients individually, and then we evaluate the cost of our service.

Do you work with companies outside the UK?

We have very good experience working with small and medium businesses from both the UK and Europe, as our work principle can be easily applied in any country. Results will be directly dependant on how the social media network is developed in your country.

Can changes be made to my marketing plan?

Put simply, Yes. We never roll anything out until our clients are happy and have signed their contracts. We are quite flexible so if either party see room for change before the marketing plan is launched, we are happy to discuss this. We are easy to reach almost 24/7 via phone, Skype or email.

Only Instagram, Facebook and Twitter?

Currently, yes, but our expertise in SEO, SMM and overall digital marketing allow us to provide a wide range of consultations in various areas. Just email us and we will try to find an answer to your question!

How can we calculate ROI?

ROI or return of investment is very complicated in Social Media, because it is hard to determine attribution, but simply ROI consists of number of likes/shares/comments, number of followers, total reached audience, link clicks, amount of calls and finally the money/time you spent on that. But some parts of ROI are unknown because there is also a dark social which can't be tracked.