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The Suede Restaurant in Bradford

The Suede is a top-notch steakhouse in Bradford, Yorkshire, known for its exceptional cuts, including rare A5 Wagyu. We improved their social media presence, addressing the lack of professional photos to showcase their cuisine and increase reservations. Our work yielded a remarkable 465% year-on-year increase in Facebook followers. Here’s a 12-month overview of our achievements for Suede, noteworthy for its reliance on strategic hashtag and location usage without resorting to organic growth strategies, giveaways, or influencer marketing.


Social media marketing & content creation


Focus was on creating exceptional content.

In the world of social media marketing, visuals are absolutely vital. Regardless of the quality of your copy or advertising strategy, you won’t make significant headway if your photos and video content aren’t spot on. This holds particularly true for top-tier restaurants with menu items exceeding Β£150.

Suede Before and After Content

Stunning menu pictures elevated Suede's appeal.

By using high-quality images, we not only managed to promote Suede restaurant effectively but also assisted visitors in choosing their dishes by looking at the pictures from social media.

Suede Ramadan Menu

First year performance snapshot


people reached

Organically, excluding Paid Advertisements


total TikTok views

This led to an additional 1351 TikTok followers


Website Clicks

That’s ~647 direct booking clicks a month

+ 0 %

Instagram Growth

Year-over-year growth, despite blocking over 250 bots and ghost followers during the year

What We Made



New, Top-Notch Photos

This was our main focus, and although it may appear simple, images must be curated in various styles, capturing different facets of the restaurant business. Action shots, dishes, interiors, staff highlights, and behind-the-scenes moments all need careful consideration.


Day to Day Management

Throughout the year, we promptly responded and engaged with over 1000 messages on all social media platforms. Swiftly addressing simple inquiries, providing allergen advice, assisting with the booking process, and following up on visits to encourage reviews on Google, enhancing Suede’s overall rating.


Appealing Videos

Produced a compelling array of videos highlighting the freshness of the ingredients, featuring drone shots, tantalizing close-ups, and ambiance interior. Several videos got over 10,000 views on Suede’s TikTok, marking a fivefold increase compared to previous numbers.


Paid Ads

Operating within a restricted budget divided among Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok was a significant challenge. Our primary objective was to optimize this allocation efficiently, increasing bookings and expanding the customer base on socials. By leveraging top-performing content without A/B testing, we saved costs without compromising campaign quality. Leveraging our expertise, we maintained a frequency rate below 1.85, ensuring each campaign reached a unique audience.


Client Testimonial.

``We had a fantastic experience collaborating with Yolka Digital. Taras ensured that our partnership felt truly personalized and attentive. Unlike with larger agencies, we never felt overlooked or experienced any significant delays. Their dedication in enhancing Suede photo, video content, and social media presence was remarkable, taking us to the next level.``

Suede Operational Manager

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