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TikTok January 1, 2023


Mahmoods, a halal fast food restaurant known for its scrumptious signature burgers, pizzas, wraps, shakes, and other food dishes, has decided to join the trend and establish a TikTok presence. The primary reason for Mahmoods’ decision to launch a TikTok account is due to an increase in usage of the platform among their target audience, rather than simply following trends. Statistics show that TikTok saw a YOY growth of 62.5% in users in 2022, and 31.9% of the population in the UK uses the platform. Below you can familiarize yourself with the results we have managed to achieve for Mahmoods in 12 months. Please keep in mind that Mahmoods did allocate very small additional budget for TikTok Ads or influencer collaborations, and all growth was achieved through organic means.


Start a TikTok profile, produce engaging content, and maintain a strong connection with Mahmoods target audience

  • Strategy

    Organic Growth, Paid Ads, Monthly Content Plan

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We’ve changed the way people see Mahmoods on TikTok.

We believe to be a team of creatives who enjoy producing captivating TikTok videos that are both professional and visually appealing. Our goal was to showcase Mahmoods in a positive light and make them stand out from the rest. We specialize in assisting local restaurants to gain recognition by creating content that aligns with their brand voice.


A well-prepared and clearly defined plan was essential.

Our approach involved devising a concise and organized content strategy, incorporating popular hashtags and music trends, while also prioritizing active audience engagement and maintaining a clutter-free account.

Mahmoods iPhone MockUp 1

First year TikTok performance snapshot


total video views

That’s ~23k views per video


total video shares

Other users shared the videos we created because they found them appealing.


TikTok Followers

That’s growth of ~363 followers a month

Client Satisfaction
What We Made



Created a TikTok Account
From Scratch

Mahmoods TikTok account has been successfully registered, a logo has been uploaded, a brief yet informative description has been added, and it has been linked to their Instagram profile.



Came up with an innovative and original ideas for TikTok videos, using captivating music to immediately capture the viewer’s interest and maintain their engagement throughout the entire video. Made sure to only upload high-quality videos that were well-lit and expertly edited, while also including popular hashtags that were currently trending.


Organic Growth

We’ve identified Mahmoods target audience based on their location, studied brand’s competitors, and engaged with over 30,000 TikTok users in West Yorkshire through natural interactions.


TikTok Paid Ads

By using A/B testing and analytics, we were able to promote our successful TikTok videos to a wider audience, which led to a remarkable increase in Mahmoods followers.


Client Testimonial.

``We have been working with Yolka Digital to engage with our customers over several social media platforms, due to the growth and popularity of TikTok we created and made new contents especially for our TikTok profile which we have found to be a valuable tool to get our message across to our customers. The technical know how and creative minds at Yolka have allowed us to seamlessly grow our presence across all platforms with some great results which in turn has had a positive effect on our brand.``

Mahmoods Regional Manager

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