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Our SEO consulting services will help startups, small, medium and big businesses to rank well in search results thanks to our several years of experience, a lot of practical work and strategic thinking with an emphasis on future updates of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. A lot of agencies out there overcharging clients for SEO work, because clients don't know how search engine algorithms work and don't know how much the work should cost. We are here to help and consult you with any questions about Search Engine Optimisation. seo_consultancy_yolka SEO is a very big area of digital marketing, and by neglecting it you might end up losing a lot of traffic to your website. Our SEO Consulting covers such topics as: on-page optimisation, off-pahe optimisation (backlinks), content optimisation, usability, SEO metrics, semantic kernel, HTML errors and many other aspects which influence your website ranking. In general if you're a owner of small or medium business all of SEO work could be done in-house without signing costly contracts with digital marketing agencies. We will give a consulting services and can offer you help at any step of your development to ensure that you are working in the right direction. We create strategical SEO plans and give you tips which will help you to optimise the website, but we are unable to give you a helping hand in writing content, link building or changing code of your website for example. We can review reports which you've received from past SEO agencies or help you find one.

Our SEO Consulting Services Include

Current Rankings Analysis

We will have a look at everything what was done in past and detect the weak SEO areas which need attention. Several reports will also help us to point out pages on your website which might rank better after small modifications.

User Behaviour Analysis

Did you know that User Behaviour is also one park of search engine ranking factors? We will closely analyse such metrics like: bounce rate, time spent on website, CTR, amount of links in social media and other important areas.

Off-Page SEO

Internal link profile is usually main topic, when it comes to off-page SEO, and we at YOLKA will review your link profile, make sure that spam websites don't link to your website and that in general only high quality websites links are present which boost general rankings in search engines.

On-Page SEO

SEO Consulting services include an in-depth On-Page analysis, where we look at usability, HTML errors, website loading speeds, and of course will analyse your content. A lot of marketers say that "Content is a King", but they forget to tell that this content still needs to be SEO optimised.

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Competitors Analysis

If you believe that your business is doing everything right, but competitors are still rank better in search engines, then give us a shout so we can perform competitors analysis. When finished we will give you a list of guidelines to follow and some marketing techniques which will help you overtake your competitors.

keyword research
Keyword research

We will provide a detailed report of keywords which are relevant to your business and which could be covered on your website in order to drive more traffic, hence more potential clients. Sometimes creating 10 articles a month can drive you 100 new customers, so keyword research can't be neglected either.


Making SEO easier!

We know how hard it is for a company to be successful in digital, but with our SEO consultancy we will make the whole Search Engine Optimisation trip easier.