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SIBU, located in Batley, is an Asian Soul Food restaurant proudly holding HMC certification. They are known locally for fantastic Bao buns, delicious sushi rolls that you won’t find anywhere in Yorkshire, as well as Wok dishes and of course delicious starters like, Malaysian butter chicken, dynamite chicken and other scrumptious dishes. All this is served in a beautiful atmosphere accompanied by a pink Sakura trees and calming music. We are sharing our year 2 statistics working with SIBU. Just on Instagram reach in 2022 was 921k+, and YOY follower growth of 35.8%. Below you can familiarize yourself with the results we have managed to achieve for SIBU in 2022 year.


Creating engaging content, and increasing restaurant footfall


Customers were ordering dishes not yet on the menu.

As soon as SIBU introduced new dishes to the menu, our strong social media marketing campaigns were so effective that customers began ordering these additions before they even made it to the physical menu in the restaurant.

Furthermore, many visitors placed their orders at the counter by displaying images from Instagram. This underscores the influence of social media!


Clear content strategy, high quality visuals and paid ads

Content is king, so by creating high-quality videos and photos, we’ve effectively advertised SIBU’s food in the best light. A clearly planned content strategy, along with paid advertisements, helped us maintain momentum and grow SIBU’s online presence and footfall.

SIBU Mood Board for Social Media

Second year Instagram performance snapshot


total Instagram reach

40% of this was attributed to Ads



That’s on average 33 comments per post


Instagram Followers

Showing 35.8% YoY growth

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What We Made



Day to Day Social
Media Management

Managing Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok on a daily basis. Replying to comments, direct messages, dealing with complaints, uploading stories, and other content.


Content Creation

Scheduled bi-monthly professional photoshoots to produce high-quality photo and video content for various social media platforms and SIBU website. Prior to each shoot, we meticulously developed mood boards and wrote scripts for TikTok videos.


Instagram Growth

Implemented an optimal blend of organic engagement with the local audience and conducted targeted giveaways to enhance follower growth.


Paid Advertisement

Strategically scheduled diverse Paid Ads campaigns to achieve multiple objectives: boosting monthly UberEats sales (SIBU held the #1 position in Batley in 2022 for order volume), promoting new menu launches, and expanding SIBU’s follower base on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram through compelling Advertisements.


Client Testimonial.

``Working with this company has been an exceptional experience. Over nearly two years of collaboration, they consistently deliver outstanding content and creative ideas, continuously seeking opportunities for improvement. Their ability to provide a personalised service with quick turnaround times is truly commendable.

I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch social media management.``

SIBU Managing Director

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