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Snap Fitness Stocksbridge

Snap Fitness in Stocksbridge reached out to us so that we could look after their Instagram account. The ultimate task was not only to manage their social media profile, but grow, engage with the audience and bring new fitness enthusiast to their gym.

We decided to share Insights of our work and what we have managed to achieve in the very first month working with Snap Fitness Stocksbridge. Results were incredible, considering that the gym is based in the small retail shopping park in Stocksbridge (there is onlyΒ 8,099 household according to ONS Census 2016).


Bring new fitness enthusiast to their gym whilst keeping social media accounts up to date

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    Content Plan, Paid Ads, Customer Support

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    Snap Fitness

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    Paid Ads


Focus on attracting new members

As new sign-ups were a major focus for Snap Fitness, we developed a comprehensive social media marketing plan. The plan included encouraging existing members to invite friends to the gym and launching highly effective advertising campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Understanding the client's target audience is vital for a successful paid ad campaign.

A lack of a clear target audience profile can lead to expensive and inconclusive results in paid advertising campaigns. Therefore, we always create multiple ad campaigns and analyze their performance after a short period, keeping only the most effective one.

SnapFitness Ad Campaign October 2019
WhatsApp_Ad Campaing results SnapFitness

First month Instagram performance snapshot


Organic Reach

+265% compared to the previous month


total profile visits

+1101.6% compared to the previous month


Instagram Followers

+485 followers in very first month

Engagement Rate

The average engagement rate in the sports and fitness industry isΒ 2.62%

What We Made



Monthly Content

We developed a variety of content pieces, including informative post, news updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and sales-focused materials. Additionally, we implemented strategic Stories campaigns to gather feedback from gym members on areas for potential improvement.


Instagram & Facebook Paid Ads

By leveraging the A/B testing feature and developing multiple creatives for the same advertising campaign, we were able to significantly reduce the cost per single sign-up from Β£5.8 to Β£1.16. This achievement is particularly impressive considering that the monthly membership fee at Snapfitness starts at Β£19.99.


Instagram Organic Growth

The majority of our campaign’s success was attributed to the organic engagement with potential clients directly on Instagram, such as likes, comments, follows, direct messages, and mass-looking at Stories. As evidence of the campaign’s ROI, the client’s website was visited 80 times, and we were able to generate 16 sales from clicks originating solely from Instagram.


Challenging Twitter Ads Campaign

Although we had never previously utilized Twitter advertising campaigns, a client suggested that it might be a viable channel for generating new member sign-ups. Unfortunately, our experience with Twitter was less than satisfactory, as the cost per website click was significantly higher compared to that of Facebook/Instagram.


Client Testimonial.

``Working with Yolka Digital has been a straightforward and productive experience. They have spent a great deal of time and effort understanding our needs and our audience. With the briefest of instructions from us, they have put their own creativity into our pages and got us some great results, helping us reach new people and engage more effectively with our audience.``

Operations manager for SnapFitness in Yorkshire

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