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jaDa! Copenhagen

A small café in Copenhagen, Denmark, has reached out to us to develop their social media marketing strategy, increase their brand awareness, help with content tips, work with top local influencers, work with TripAdvisor reviews and ultimately increase sales.

We managed to bring more than 3500 new followers to the account in one year, but wanted to share our work with local influencers. During one month we were inviting Copenhagen bloggers to come and visit a cafe, have a complimentary meal and share their experience about JaDa cafe on their pages.

Influencer Campaign Performance Snapshot


In addition to brand awareness and engagement generated by the campaign, our client now also owns this high-value content produced by the influencers. They can also reuse this content, with credit to the influencer, to save time and money in content creation. 


JaDa Business Development Director says:

We are very pleased with the results of the campaign.  Instagram account of our cafe grew much quicker thanks to the influencers and what is more important we had much more clients during the campaign. Apart from that our TripAdvisor reviews count jumped from 5 to over 30 in just 2 months thanks to a personal after-sale interactions made by Yolka team. The approach used in communication is utterly appealing and we would recommend Yolka Digital to everyone looking for professional SMM.