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Mythos Leeds started as a popular takeaway in lively Hyde Park, clinching the Best Yeeros in the UK award from Deliveroo in 2021. By summer 2023, they expanded to open a restaurant in one of our favourite bustling Leeds suburbs, Chapel Allerton. Offering an authentic Greek menu featuring Mezedes, Yeeros, Souvlaki, and beefteki with a variety of dips like Fava and Tzatziki. They sought our help to showcase their greatness on social media and create fantastic content. Now, we’re excited to share the initial 3-month results of our collaboration with Mythos Leeds.


Promote newly opened restaurant on all social media channels


Enhanced the content to match the excellence of the food

Before we dive in, we make sure that the content we post truly captures the vibe of your restaurant and the deliciousness of your food. After all, it’s tough to promote something with subpar content, isn’t it?

We’ve got a variety of photographers, each with their own unique style, ready to capture the essence of your establishment. Whether it’s a cosy corner takeaway or a high-end restaurant, we’ll ensure your customers get the right vibes.


Quick turnover, consistency across socials, active influencers outreach

The initial hurdle involved quick responses to all direct messages due to a 3-month delay in the Mythos website launch. We also focused on maintaining consistent content across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Lastly, we invited over 30 influencers to boost Mythos presence in Leeds through user-generated content (UGC).

Mythos Leeds Case Study

3-months performance snapshot

+ 0

total Instagram growth

+64.5% increase in 90 days

x 0


The number of likes and comments doubled


Content Posted

That’s over 2.1 content pieces posted daily

0 k

TikTok views

That’s on average 7000 views per video

What We Made



Day to Day Social
Media Management

We handled daily management of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, along with launching a YouTube channel. Additionally, we processed bookings, managed complaints, monitored Google Reviews, and regularly uploaded new content.


Content Creation

We arranged bi-monthly professional photoshoots, creating top-notch photo and video content for social media and the MYTHOS Leeds website. We prepared mood boards and video scripts beforehand, ensuring swift turnaround within 24 hours for the latest session.


Social Media Growth

Implemented an optimal blend of paid advertisement, influencer campaigns and conducted targeted giveaways to enhance follower growth.

Among comparable restaurants in Leeds, Mythos now holds a significantly stronger social media presence.


Paid Advertisement

There were two categories of paid advertisements: those for brand awareness and those for direct order delivery. One exceptional campaign produced 286 UberEats clicks within a week. Given the budget of just Β£150 per month, this was particularly rewarding.

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