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Social Media Marketing in York

Social media marketing allows you to effectively grow your business and attract new customers through interactions on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. Promotional campaigns on social networks work equally effectively for small businesses in York, as well as for nationwide companies; both in the field of B2C and B2B.

The good thing about social media marketing in York is that there is no minimum or maximum in terms of budget – you can start a Paid Ads campaign from as low as £1 per day. Whether it will be successful or not depends how good the marketing agency you’re working with is. Here at Yolka Digital we class ourselves as an affordable social media marketing and management agency, but have a proven track record of case studies. We would be happy to help your business based in York whether you just want a one-off consultation, you struggle with your social media pages management and are looking someone to take over, need a powerful marketing campaign on social media, looking to utilise influencer marketing in York, or anything else social media marketing related.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the channels of modern day digital marketing. The essence of social media marketing is to attract new customers and, at the same time, form a long-term loyal audience on social media. According to Marketing Sherpa statistics, 95% of people between 18 and 34 years old are most comfortable following a brand and interacting with it through social media. Benefits of social media:

  • The ability to choose a narrow target audience that is interested in the company’s product;
  • you can successfully promote not only products and services, but also one-off informational projects (events, concerts etc), the media or a specific person;
  • allows you to increase brand awareness;
  • increases audience loyalty;
  • attracts new visitors to the company’s website.

A positive user experience with a brand on social media provides additional benefits:

  • 70% of people who have been approached by a brand or responded to their messages are more likely to use a product or service;
  • 65% become more loyal to the brand;
  • 25% are less likely to go to competitors;
  • 75% are ready to share a good experience on their account.

Social Media Marketing in York

Let’s look at the example of a small business in York and how professional social media management of their pages on Instagram and Facebook has benefited the business. Our typical client would be a restaurant or a café, for example, let’s take the newly opened bubble tea café, Chatime.

Chatime York Instagram

What does social media marketing mean for this particular business?

  • Customers can quickly find all necessary information on the social media pages. Opening hours, address, menu, contact details. Customers can usually find all this information on company websites, but on social media it is all well organised and located in one place.
  • Chatime can interact with all customers who bought their bubble tea, creating a long-term relationship. If a person has bought a product from Chatime and then has tagged @chatimeyork on Instagram, used the ‘Chatime York’ geolocation or #chatimeyork hashtag on their post, Chatime can then interact with this person making sure they become a follower or even get some feedback about the product which, in many cases, can lead to a positive 5-star review on Google Reviews or TripAdvisor. This is completely free of charge, thanks to Instagram’s powerful features.
  • Quickly release new promotional offers without spending a lot of money on the marketing campaign if the business already has a good amount of loyal followers.
  • Inform followers about upcoming events or changes in the business. For example, during COVID-19 Chatime York could inform their followers about the fact that they fully follow governmental guidelines and take extra care to make sure all clients feel safe at the premises.
  • Helps people make their mind up about what they are going to order. Visual content on social media reduces the time people spend in-store as they order much quicker compared to old-school businesses with paper menus. Chatime York followers already know in advance what drink they are going to order as the menu and most of the drinks can be found on Facebook/Instagram feed.
  • Stories and ‘behind the scenes’ content helps create an authentic and long-term connection between the brand and the customer. Social media increases trust and loyalty to the business, which is very important for long-term success.
  • Finding new clients has become much easier ever since targeted Paid Ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become available. Advertisements were only shown to females aged 16-34 who live or have recently moved to any part of York, located in a 5-mile radius from 2 Coney St, York YO1 9NA, where Chatime York brunch is located. It is also possible to specify interests of people who you show the ads. For bubble tea café it is good to select people who have “Bubble Tea” as their interest on Facebook, “expats who lived in Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, China…”, people who like pages related to “Asian culture”, “Anime”, “Cosplay” or just “York University”. All these mentioned interests more or less represent the very much targeted audience of the bubble tea café.

We hope that the example above shows some of the benefits which your business can achieve with powerful social media marketing in York. Here at Yolka Digital we don’t really have fixed packages and we usually see what the client needs help with and create a bespoke proposal which would suit your business the best. We are working with a lot of small businesses and understand the fact that some might not have big marketing budgets, but want to have professional social media pages and attract new clients from this marketing channel. That’s why we are very flexible and offer affordable client orientated exclusive contracts. Prices start from £275/month.

As a social media aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, my focus is on empowering small and medium-sized business owners to take their social media game to the next level. With my expertise in Instagram marketing, I help businesses optimize their social media presence, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

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