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Twitter is a social networking service founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass in 2006. Twitter provides the opportunity to any registered user to run his own microblog which consists of small notes called "Tweets". The size of each Tweet can not exceed 140 characters. This service allows brands to quickly share the news of their company, conduct live Q&A sessions with their customers and create customer support services straight through the Twitter. Apart from "Tweets" there are now Direct Messages with no length limitations, Twitter Moments which are ultimately like stories on Instagram or has a similar model like Snapchat and finally there is Twitter Live  which helps brands to go Live to their audience with any events, like presentations, new store openings, competitions, Q&A sessions, it's basically Periscope in Twitter. According to Alexa, Twitter is currently ranked 11th in the UK among all of the websites, behind Facebook, but overcoming Instagram and Reddit. Twitter is the very first social network where hashtags were introduced where you could appoint a "tag" to your tweet to help others quickly navigate and find relevant information. Hashtags are nowadays used everywhere, but at that time it was so-called innovation in digital marketing industry.
At the moment, almost every customer expects in the case of any problems to be able to contact the company directly, not by E-mail or phone call, but through social networks. Twitter in this respect is a good way for companies to keep track of any dissatisfaction or questions related to their service/product and quickly resolve any problems. Statistics show that those companies who use  Twitter for customer service see a 19% lift in customer satisfaction. Also, 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to. With regards to direct traffic and sales increase of the company, 54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets (including visiting their website, searching for the brand, or retweeting content). Overall it could be said, that Twitter is a great digital channel to interact with your audience, making sure your customers are satisfied with your product as well as making sure they are up to date with your company promotions, news and any other relevant information.

6 Important Twitter Marketing Elements!

Account Setup

Make sure you have a short, but informative account description with a link to your website. Also, use your company logo as an avatar and take the opportunity to put some information in your header photo. Top companies also change it from time to time to make sure the customer is aware about the latest most important information like sales or changed opening times.

Content Plan

There are certain rules about how and what to post when it comes to Twitter. We believe that in order to be successful you need to have 80% of your messages engaging (Retweets, Likes or Comments) and only 20% should be about your company with rare links to your website.

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It is important to use relevant #hashtags, because statistics show that your tweets with hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweetedt than messages without hashtags. You need to make sure you don't use too much hashtags as this can put off some of your audience. Sometimes one hashtag is enough.

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Customer Engagement

As we already stated, make sure you comment on your followers tweets, retweet interesting messages which could be easily found via Twitter search and like relevant posts to drive attention to your account.

Keep your account clean

Make sure that you keep a reasonable ratio between number of followers and following. Unfollow any inactive accounts, use Direct Messages to introduce yourself to new followers and don't forget to reply. Use lists to keep up to date with your industry news and retweet the relevant ones or engage in conversation with potential audience.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter is good for businesses because you can completely for free without any knowledge understand what type of tweets are the most popular and for example find out what audience follows you more. Always spend some time for analysis to use the full potential of Twitter.


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We provide each of our customers with a sleek, well-managed solution to look after your Twitter account.

Twitter Success Guide


Create an informative profile with creative header photo, business address, phone number and a website link.


Use at least one hashtag in your post, this will make your tweet visible to much more people on Twitter.

Use images

By the use of images information is perceived much easier, and given that you can not always express your thoughts in 140 characters, the image will help you to deliver the necessary information much faster. Also, you tweet is more likely to be retweeted with an image inside it.

Like, Retweet, Reply

Imagine Twitter to be an SMS service where your messages are seen by multiple people. You can't just send your messages, because it will be too rude, that's why you have to reply, retweet and like other tweets to be successful.

Create Contests

One of the most successful technique for the growth of your account is to use contests with actual prizes. You company can promise to give a Gift Voucher or the actual product to a random person who retweets your competition tweet. You will be amazed with results!


Find influencers who are followed by thousands on Twitter from your area or who work in your industry (not competitors). Talk about cooperation conditions with them and try to interest their audience to follow you as well.


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Latest Statistics about Twitter in the UK

There are currently more than 38 million active social media users in the UK, that’s 58% of the total population according to demographic figures of 2016. Only 15.8% of those social media users are actively using Twitter, but still that makes Twitter more popular than Skype, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Twitter UK User Profile by Age:

Example of successfull SME on Twitter

Today, more than 50% of all small and medium businesses in the UK use Twitter for marketing purposes. Every user follows at least 5 brands on Twitter, so make sure you become one of those brands, because surveys show that people will be more likely to buy your products after interacting with your company on Twitter. Furthermore, 90% of respondents said that they would follow the brands social media account on Twitter if they would receive a recommendation from the person they follow. We have picked two pretty good accounts of small independent companies to showcase you what successful Twitter account mean, because we hope that by now you understand the importance of your presence on Twitter in order to find new clients and make sure your loyal customers stay happy with your service/product.


Friends of Ham is an award-winning Bar and Charcuterie based in Leeds City Centre, serving the finest beer, wine, cured meat & cheese. They were established in 2012 and straight away they started using Twitter as their main digital media channel to engage with their audience. By quick analysis of their twitter account, which by now has more than 15k followers, we were impressed how much they reply, like and retweet their happy customers messages and also mention other local businesses! 

Why Friends of Ham succeed on Twitter?

  • They mention other users in 77% of their tweets
  • They use #Hashtags
  • Every third tweet is a "reply"
  • They actively like other tweets

Hey Little Cupcake is a small bakery inside a fancy pinky coffee shop located in the heart of Manchester, which was founded by Sarah, who loved to bake cupcakes at home. You can imagine that her twitter account was pretty small when she just started baking, but now Hey Little Cupcake have more than 10,000 followers, who stay up to date with company news, competitions and other updates. We couldn't stop us looking at their "yummy" pictures of cupcakes, this means that their marketing department is doing great job, because a lot of people will react the same, they will want to go and try their lovely confectioneries. They use quite a lot of twitter marketing tips, but there is still room to improve.

Why Hey Little Cupcake succeed on Twitter?

  • They actively use images and videos
  • Actively interact with their followers
  • They successfully collaborated with other companies
  • They retweet happy customers messages.

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