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Reputation management plays an important role in the current environment of digital presence for almost every business, but companies who work in retail and hospitality tend to be more influenced by their reputation. If we take restaurants for example, then it's very surprising when they don't appear on TripAdvisor or any other restaurants reviews at all. We cannot stress the importance of being present in such communities/websites enough. It allows for some level of transparency which allows your customers and clients to know what level of service to expect. Every client's review has to be taken into account, whether it's good or bad and you should always let your customer know that you've heard them and that you plan to take action in response to their review (if negative). The same goes for all comments on social media and in Google Business reviews. In the era where artificial intelligence is growing very quickly and all voice search services on our iPhones or Android phones receive information directly from Google, means that anyone can find reviews, ratings and information about your company by doing very little. In order to be successful, maintaining a good reputation is paramount. online-reputation-management Most consumers go through three stages: awareness, consideration and, finally, decision. Additionally, the latest research shows that more than 65% of decisions are influenced by reviews or comments in social media. Here at YOLKA, we deal with three various steps of reputation management for any company which is present online: repair, improve or protect.
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Social Media

An important part of reputation management is tracking any comments your customers make about your company or product on social media. It is vital to engage with your clients in comments, tweets or Facebook messages (which a lot of companies now use instead of usual customer support). Social media directly displays your business model and customer relationship to others. Even negative comment without your response could be fatal for your reputation and should be addressed promptly.

Review Websites/Blogs/Forums

Positive reviews will bring you more happy customers and, therefore, higher revenue. It is vital to engage with your audience on forums, make sure reviews of your product or services are reviewed appropriately. This means that in the case that there is any negative feedback, you should do your best to resolve the issue and notify your customer or client. It is also extremely helpful and effective to ask social media influencers to review your product, because it means that when people look at your reviews they will see positive comments from people who's opinion they trust.

Press releases

Often press releases are not very effective or useful, but they can help to get you noticed, and at the same time, you can show support for local causes which will help you gain local awareness. For example, if your business helps charities or works on improving something locally, then press releases will help you spread your company's positivity.


Sometimes tracking your competitors could help you strengthen your position on the market. Big brands such as McDonalds and Burger King usually use each other's advertisement ideas, as do Audi and BMW. Competitors may use new techniques or have bad or less successful periods which will help your brand rise, but in order to do so you need to be aware of exactly what your competitors are up to.


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