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Instagram is a social media network which was launched back in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who are real technological geeks especially when it comes to startups. Today people all across the globe share more than 100 million photos a day on Instagram, which makes it one of the biggest Social Media networks straight after Facebook and Twitter. Our digital agency, Yolka, is specialising in Instagram Marketing and we would like to share some information with you and prove why Instagram is really important for your business, and why you should start using it if you haven’t till now.

Why Instagram is good for Small and Medium Businesses?

According to statistics half of all Instagram users follow brands, which makes Instagram the perfect place for businesses. For example, engagement rates with brands on Instagram are 10 times higher than on Facebook, 54 times higher than on Pinterest, and 84 times higher than on Twitter. Remember that the number of Instagram active users always grows and recently the figure has reached 600 million (active monthly users). Instagram official analytics team has said that usage has doubled in the last two years, so there is still time for your business to start using Instagram, because social network doesn’t show any signs of decreasing popularity.
Let’s speak in more detail why Instagram is a great place for SME to connect with their target audience. For example, you can easily find on Instagram who actually loves your brand and make sure their experience with your business is always satisfying. You can follow every customer who has ever visited your shop or shared a picture of your business. You can’t do that on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, as usually customer finds their favourite brand first, not vice versa. With introduction of Instagram Stories, you can quickly update your followers about any changes, promotions or even share some FAQ answer. Instagram have recently also introduced Live Stories, which means that you can create live events, as you would do in Periscope or Twitter Live. Instagram continues to develop its service, recently launched separate accounts for businesses and in future there are more features to come.

6 Important Instagram Marketing Elements!

Account Setup

It is very important to have short, but informative profile description with perfect profile picture. Your bio should always have “Contact” or “Call” button, so that follower can easily reach you with any questions, and also should have visible company’s address, website and a telephone number if possible

Content Plan

We carefully analyse your business industry, look for competitors, use general tips for success and create a 7-day Content Plan. We then test it to make sure that posts come out on the best possible time (highest engagement rates) with optimum frequency.

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Hashtag and target audience research

It is important to use relevant #hashtags, to ease the process of finding you by the Target Audience. In order to do that, target audience parameters will need to be established for your business (age, gender, job description, hobbies, geolocation, etc.).

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Customer Engagement

It is important not only post frequently, but engage with your followers and actually be interested in what they say or even post. Customers will be keen to use your service if you actually care about them. Customer engagement is the part of the “Thank you Economy”, according to which you have to act authentically towards your target audience and care about them more than about your business!

Grow your account

Of course, with good content you are going to grow, but very slowly. We use several growing techniques which assist to get up to 1000 followers a month, no bots or “black hat” strategies involved. We can’t share our secret strategy, but you can see that Yolka knows how to do it, by simply checking our Case Studies.

Sponsored Ads

Sometimes business wants to run a short-term campaign to target as much as possible potential buyers through Sponsored Advertisement which have bigger reach than your personal page. Sponsored Ads give fantastic short-term results, but could also be implemented to use for a long-term growth strategies. We can easily help you to setup any type of campaigns.


Our promise to you
We provide each of our customers with a sleek, well-managed solution to look after your Instagram account.

Instagram Success Guide


Create an outstanding profile with informative description, business address, phone number and a website link.


Use hashtags in your posts! By using at least one hashtag your engagement rate will rise by at least 12%. Remember than you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post.

Content Plan

Behind every successful campaign there is a strategical content plan. Find out what topics and types of posts are more appealing for your audience and when it's the best to make publications.

A/B Test

Don’t forget to test your publications and track engagement rates to understand exactly when your followers are the most active, what type of posts the like more, etc.


Remember about the “Thank You Economy”. Speak with your audience, share their photos with your product, comment under their posts, overall just engage with your audience, otherwise you won’t be using Instagram full potential.


Create competitions where people repost or comment on your posts, this will boost your account much more with less investment than Sponsored Ads.


Collaborate with popular bloggers, communities and influencers of your industry. One or two words about your business on their Instagram page can drive immense amount of traffic to your page.


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Latest Statistics about Instagram in the UK

There are currently more than 38 million active social media users in the UK, that’s 58% of the total population according to demographic figures of 2016. Only 25% of those social media users are actively using Instagram, but still that makes Instagram more popular than Skype, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. It was also reported that 39% of UK users are aged 16-24 years old.

UK Instagram Statistics in %
population which is active on Social Media in the UK - 58%
Users, who are active on Instagram - 25%
Instagram users aged 16-24 years old - 39%

Example of successfull SME on Instagram

Today, more than 200 000 companies, most of which are small businesses advertise on Instagram. They offer a number of different goods and services and have been able to achieve considerable success through a variety of creative ideas. Let's have a look at couple of SMEs and analyse why they are successful. We won't be able to give you any statistics on how Instagram is helping them as a business, but considering Instagram has higher engagement ratio, they get quite a lot of traffic and new customers from Instagram.


Bloom & Wild, a floral company that delivers flowers by post - an excellent example of SME which uses their Instagram account at the fullest. All of their marketing is built on what is unique to their brand: showing design process and colourful packaging and joy of the people who receive their product. Bloom & Wild have been using Instagram to promote their service already for 3 years, if you think that they were straight away successful, then you are mistaken. Their first posts received just 10-30 likes, but only hard work and great content plan resulted in more than 36k followers with average amount of likes per post of around 400-600. Knowing the industry we can say that each post reaches around 15 thousands of their followers and other Instagram users. Such numbers are huge, considering that any information could be so quickly delivered to your clients, much faster than Facebook or Twitter, not speaking about the emails at all.

Why Bloom & Wild succeed on Instagram?
  • Showing happy customers
  • Sharing "behind the scenes" photos
  • Usage of videos in their feed
  • Tagging their partners and clients in their posts
  • Relevant Hashtags

La Bottega Milanesa - continental speciality espresso bar in Leeds, whose Instagram account is controlled fully by their crew. Person who is behind the bar is posting pictures, replying to messages and doing a lot of things to engage with the company's audience. They work very hard on their brand identity, collaborate with other businesses, share their "behind the scenes" live of a company and so on... If they would just post pictures of their coffee, followers would get bored, but in the way La Bottega Milanesa is doing it allows anyone to see the life through the eyes of the company. By the way their business model is directly reflected on their Instagram page, that's why they were named "Best Leeds Coffee Shop 2016" on Leeds Lifestyle Awards.

Why La Bottega Milanesa succeed on Instagram?

  • Engaging with the audience
  • Sharing "behind the scenes" photos
  • Collaboration projects with other companies
  • Daily updates

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