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Facebook is the oldest social media network which managed to go with the times and always been the most popular social media since 2004, when it was founded by Harvard college students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Currently there are more than 1.76 billion monthly active users worldwide, 33 million of whom are from the UK. With such popularity your business can't neglect the influence which Facebook has in the digital worlds. Specially for you we have the right experience to promote your brand via our strategical Facebook Marketing campaigns.


Facebook gives perfect opportunity for small businesses to grow their audience using word of mouth, because friends of friends can see all of their actions. For example, if you are going to see that your friend have liked brands post or have commented under it, which directly means bigger audience engagement via every single post. With even very small budget you can cover your local audience making sure they at least will be aware of your brand if they would be interested in your product or service in 80% of the cases they will like your company page. 

6 Important Facebook Marketing Elements!

Creating a page

When creating a page it is important to have an informative description of your company with URL, address and a phone number. The more detailed "About Us" section on Facebook you have the more convenient it will be for your followers to find they way to buy your product/service. Also, don't forget to use creative cover page and a profile pic along with "call to action" buttons, which Facebook have recently introduced.

Content Plan

Facebook is very different to Twitter and Instagram, and more types of posts are suitable here. Be very creative and make sure you use images in your posts as they drag much more attention even if they have links inside them. There are also peak times when people check their Facebook feeds, make sure you account for that as well when creating a content plan.

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Customise your page

There are several ways of customising your business page, from uploading an engaging cover photo to special Facebook Apps, which can be added to your page tabs. Also, it is good practice to pin your most important posts to the top.

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Try to be active not only with your posts, but also remember to reply to a personal messages via Facebook and engage with your audience in the comments. Also, keep track on reposts of your posts, because sometimes they might be too negative and can damage your reputation.


There are no case studies of successful Facebook marketing campaigns without good analysis of the results. Gladly, your company doesn't need any third-party software as Facebook has very informative integrated analytics called "Insights", which will ultimately help you to detect best times to post and what type of publications drag more attention from your followers.

Facebook Ads

Facebook made it really hard to engage with your audience before they actually like your page. In order to find new customers there are Facebook ads, which make it really easy to find directly your target audience no matter what size of business you run.


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Facebook Success Guide


Create an outstanding profile with informative description, business address, phone number and a website link.

Interesting Content

Fill you page with interesting posts, videos, articles or even news relevant to your industry. There is big variety of posts which will be suitable for Facebook, just tweak around and find the best fit specifically for your business model.

Invite your friends

There is small possibility that someone will like brands page with 0 likes, so make sure your page has at least 100 "fans" before you start promoting your product. In order to do so just invite your friends, or send emails to your active customers!


A lot of companies just repost their RSS feed into a Facebook page, so all posts are the same without any engagement with the audience. In order to succeed try to ask your followers questions and make sure you reply to your clients questions.


Repost for a prize competitions have always been very popular, and most of the companies use this technique at some point simply to grow their account. Statistics show that almost every third like of brands pages comes from competitions.

Facebook Ads

At the moment sponsored posts are the most effective technique which will help you grow your company page. Facebook ads will allow you to pick the audience (Geolocation, age, hobbies etc), making it really easy, but at the same time it is important to use the best publications for sponsored posts for better conversion rates!


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Latest Facebook Statistics in the UK

There are currently more than 38 million active social media users in the UK, that’s 58% of the total population according to demographic figures of 2016. More than 47% of those social media users are actively using Facebook, making it the most popular social media in the UK. According to statistics Facebook is the most popular among  both male and female aged between 25 and 34. The most recent Age Group figure provided by Statista looks like:


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