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MrBinary is an online project about a financial instrument which is still pretty new to the UK; binary options. The founder of MrBinary has decided that the website was not enough for him to reach his audience and they therefore contacted us to help them setup and plan the content for Instagram and Twitter. In this instance, Facebook wasn't considered due to the fact that this social network limited our work to pure advertisement and more money had to be invested in order to raise awareness of this project. After six months of working with MrBinary, we can proudly say that we managed to help their Instagram and Twitter accounts grow significantly. The success is reflected in the statistics of their website traffic where 10% of all traffic is now coming from social media accounts.


Our most important task was to create content for social media which would concentrate less on selling the actual product too much, but would rather engage with people and motivate them to find new ways of earning money online. Similarly to sports betting websites where news about sports is used, we decided to post motivational quotes using luxury segments as the background. A lot of testing was done prior to finding the most engaging template for posts.



The MrBinary Twitter account has showed better results than the Instagram account for incoming traffic to the website due to possibility of using links in each post (Instagram has a link only only in account profile). On average, every tweet is seen by 200-300 people. Considering the account has just over 1000 followers, this is pretty good. The Twitter feed is similar to Instagram with publications of actual trading results which were provided by a client, as well as retweets of financial news relevant to binary options industry.


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Tarass from YOLKA ensured all of their social media campaigns run smoothly and we were updated about every change in the metrics or post schedule. Apart from Social Media growth, we received a number of tips concerning our website and its content. Thanks to them, we have incorporated much larger articles on our website with subheadings and images which helped us to drive much more traffic from search engines as well. We would definitely recommend anyone not only to use their social media marketing services, but also have them analyse the website for basic SEO rules.